We are Julien… master of stainless steel and kitchen professional!

Since 1946, Julien is a North American leader in the manufacturing of stainless-steel products located in Quebec City.

The most demanding Chefs with the highest-ranking restaurants in North America are working in Julien’s custom manufactured kitchens. We also conceive and build institutional kitchen for the most intense and high-volume food preparation environments. All that learning from working on these projects, we bring to the residential market with high-end decorative plumbing products (Home Refinements and ProChef), outdoor kitchens (Outdoor Refinements) and to the food service equipment market (Rosko). Masters of stainless, and kitchen experts.

Decorative plumbing

Julien quality, at home.

With our Home Refinements and Prochef brands, you can install high-quality products inspired by our greatest commercial projects right in your home.

Outdoor kitchen Equipment

It's time to take it out outside.

If you like to cook outdoors, we can also transform your backyard into a star restaurant kitchen.

Commercial Food Equipment

The perfect equipment for your commercial kitchen.

Our greatest source of motivation? Knowing we can effectively meet your needs with professional and commercial kitchen equipment made to your specifications.

Custom Professional Kitchens

Professional kitchen made to your specifications.

We are experts in manufacturing custom stainless-steel products. We are the perfect partner for your project.

They trust us