Julien Rail Solutions

World-class company renowned for processing sheet metal - such as stainless steel - Julien has over 65 years of expertise in the field. By tapping into the latest technology, Julien has instilled a strong corporate culture of innovation which is why we decided to radiate our know-how to the passenger rail industry back in 2007. Five years later, and surrounded by a team of experts, we have created a whole new division : Rail Solutions.


Over time, Julien has mastered working with a wide range of materials such as Ply-Metal, aluminum Honeycomb, thermoplastic and FRP and incorporating them in our design and manufacturing solutions. This desire to diversify is constant within our company’s mindset and tradition of design, manufacturing, assembly, and Installation.

Expert in design, manufacturing & refurbishment

Julien has earned an enviable reputation for projects such as Amtrack's Superliners / Dinner Car, the Atlantic City Express Service and Talgo Bistro cars, Via Rail HEP reconfiguration and new Smart & Metrolinx with Nippon Sharyo.

Julien Rail Solutions’ know-how takes every project to the highest level of excellence. From the design of innovative products to the turnkey delivery of complete solutions, our experts are involved every step of the way. We have developed an expertise in the passenger rail industry and fully understand and adhere to all the technical requirements and standards. As a result, Julien can complete the most ambitious projects in record time and at the lowest possible cost.

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Global Solution


Translate customer wishes into performance / design criteria
  • Conceptual design
  • Appearance
  • Colors, textures
  • Define scope of work

Preliminary design

Presentation of the mock-up to the customer and calculation of:
  • Structural
  • FEA
  • Refrigeration
  • Electrical loading

Detailed engineering

Production drawings and integration
  • Scan of existing cars and remodeling
  • Complete integration
  • Final interfacing validation with existing train
  • Electrical, refrigeration and plumbing routing
  • Prototypes and preliminary validations
  • Detailed drawings


Fabrication, assembly and installation
  • 3 manufacturing facilities
  • Over 125 000 ft2 of productions with state of the art equipment
  • Over 15 000 ft2 of installation capacity (round house) with track for complete installation of interior components
  • Network of partners in many sectors such as FRP, thermoplastic and composite panels

Tests & validations

Assure all quality criteria are met
  • Standard production
  • Customer specificity
  • Performance

Technical support

Assistance for first unit installation
  • Provide documentation and support
  • Training on maintenance procedures

Review and improvement

Project post review
  • Difficulties encountered
  • Recommendations
  • Customer feedback

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