The Human Resources Team Welcomes You!

Job Offers

A career at Julien means working in a stimulating environment conducive to the personal and professional success of every employee. Julien is an equal opportunity employer.


Corporate Values

Julien numbers close to 350 employees who are experts in integrating sheet metal such as stainless steel and aluminum with noble materials such as wood, marble, granite, slate, Corian, and Zodiaq. Engineers, mechanical designers, welders, polishers, operators, and computer specialists help create the company's corporate vision : seeking to earn recognition for its optimal solutions and operational excellence.

The same holds true for attention to detail, perfection, and total commitment to clients practices attentively followed by each and every member of the Julien team.

Being part of the Julien experience also means a host of attractive benefits:

  • Complete range of employee benefits
  • Workplace marked by respect, pride, passion, and enthusiasm
  • Environment that fosters the development, advancement, and personal growth of employees
  • Challenges tailored to individuals
  • Friendly and dynamic teamwork
  • Clearly defined and attainable goals

The result? A strong sense of belonging.


Does your program of study meet our business needs? Why not consider an internship at Julien? We offer interns a dynamic work environment and a real opportunity to hone their skills while acquiring new knowledge. Our company philosophy places special emphasis on creative skills to meet individual professional development needs.

Julien Training School

Cultivating Know-How and Innovation
Julien Inc. is renowned for its expertise in sheet metal such as stainless steel but also for integrating it with noble materials such as wood, marble, slate, granite, Corian, and Zodiaq. To maintain its lead over the competition, the company shares its know-how with those who are part of its team. That's why it invests an annual average of 3% of its payroll in training.

To make the transfer of knowledge easier, Julien has set up an onsite training school for new employees who work in the plant, in the office, or on the road, thereby providing the company with another valuable asset : the exceptional quality of its staff.

Training is provided by Julien's specialists in various fields of expertise, who also develop new applications that help the company maintain its industry-leading position.

Adapting Employee Skills

In addition to training new staff, the specialists at Julien guide them in adapting their skills to working with sheet metal and mastering the art of sheet metal processing so that they can deliver quality products and projects. Since Julien places a high value on ongoing training, its specialists are also responsible for upgrading the skills of employees already on staff.

This policy of continuous training also motivates the multidisciplinary R&D teams to stay on the lookout for new developments and come up with innovative ideas. Julien systematically invests 3% of its annual sales in R&D.



Health and Safety



For Julien, the health and safety of its employees in the workplace have always been a priority. The company offers special employee training focused on prevention, which ensures the proper and safe use of equipment. All work is also carried out in accordance with the strictest hygiene, ergonomic, and environmental standards.